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Definitely Digging the New Dianetics DVD

imageMy wife & I just got our copy today of the new How to Use Dianetics DVD.  Both of us are quite well-versed in Dianetics already, but as Mr. David Miscavige explained in the event where it was released, a whole new world of understanding of Dianetics is available when you can throw 4.5 hours of visuals at every major section and concept of the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

We had a ton of chores around the house tonight, so we only got 10 chapters into the first DVD (about an hour’s worth), but there were plenty of highlights of things I really liked – and things I thought will be especially great for those who might not enjoy reading too much, but can definitely sit down in front of a DVD and learn what they need to learn to figure out how the mind works. 

I’ll definitely want to write more when I’m done with the DVD, but a few immediate highlights that I want to mention:

  • Made for use:  It’s clear that this DVD is made not just for someone casually curious, but for someone who, with no other training at all in the subject, could actually and viably sit down and watch the video and start making Dianetics work for them. 

    PICT2233 Thoughtful touches abound in the DVD and in the packaging.  An illustration of this, which I was particularly pleased with, was the two booklets that come with the DVD set, one of which is a procedure booklet that tells you exactly what to do, once you’ve gone through the theory in the DVDs.  It even has a quick one-page how-to on doing a Dianetic Assist – a procedure that one can do after someone has had an injury of some sort to lessen the effects that the pain will have on him in the future and ensure that it doesn’t have an effect on him. 

    It seems trivial, but of course when someone’s just had an injury and you’re wanting to give him an assist, the last thing you want to do is to be rummaging around in your bookshelf through some massive tome – nice to have it right there in a booklet where you can whip out.

  • Visual Depictions of Reactive & Irrational Behaviour:  OK, sounds like an odd thing to point out as a highlight.  But in this DVD, over and over, all manner of different irrational and unwanted behaviour is depicted & pointed out.   I particularly liked this for 2 reasons:  (1) is that when you point out odd things that people do – like the guy who wigs out when an office worker talks about losing an account, or the jerk husband that gets mad at his pregnant wife, etc, it makes you take another look at your own behaviour and work out if it’s actually rational or not.  One can get a little self-satisfied sometimes and think you’re perfect until you take a look and realize that some things you do are just plain odd, and some others are actually destructive to your own survival – and all of it can be handled with Dianetics.  A healthy thing to introspect a bit about. 
    But the second reason is pursuant to the above – as I know that if I can get something from this – and I’ve studied a lot of Dianetics & Scientology books – I know that someone brand-new to this who’s never really looked at whether or not he’s rational – could get something very useful out of this that’d help them in life.

There’s a bunch more that I thought was awesome about this first bit of the DVD I watched, but I’ll save it at least until I’ve completed the first half of it. 

Oh, and if you don’t already have your own copy of this, you can pick one up in any of 16 languages from the links here.

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