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Tad Reeves

Tad Reeves

Hello! My name is Tad Reeves, and I’m a Scientologist living in Arlington, Virginia. I’ve been a Scientologist for the majority of my life, and have met with quite a bit of success and satisfaction in studying & applying data that’s contained in L. Ron Hubbard’s books & lectures on the subject.

I’m an Internet professional by trade, and have been working on the Internet in various capacities since my first year of college, which basically coincided with the first year the Internet went commercial (1994). I’ve a system administrator, website developer, internet marketer, search optimizer and web analyticator since then and there’s no end in site, there. If you want to hook up with me professionally, I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc — or you can follow my blog here.

In whatever spare time I can manage to scrape together, I do what I can to assist the various public-outreach programs spearheaded by Churches of Scientology, especially ones centered around my nearest Church – the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C.. Those outreach programs include:

So, if you have any questions for me on any of the above programs, fire away. In fact, if you have any questions at all about Dianetics & Scientology, feel free to post a comment below. I’ll try to answer them as best as I can. As long as your question is honest, and is not posed in a nasty or defamatory way (as some tend to be on the subject of religion and ones’ choices on such) I’ll answer whatever you have to say.


2 Responses

  1. Hey! I work at the Portland Org and I was looking at your page and I saw that you were or are in Portland. Are you still here? Just interested….

    Brandon Allender

    • Brandon – thanks for writing. No, I was in Portland some time ago, moved away for years, then came back briefly in April/May of this year, and now am back on the other side of the country in the DC Metro area. But I’m sure you recognized the tri-met station in the background of my picture! 🙂

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