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Studying the Dianetics & Scientology Basics in Sequence!


Now that L. Ron Hubbard’s Advanced Clinical Course lectures are completed and available (announced by Mr. David Miscavige just a few days ago), I am starting a full chronological study of Dianetics and Scientology from the beginning through to the very end. 

It’s going to be an utter adventure!  I started last week, studying in the courseroom of the new Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC.  I’ll give you more updates as I wend my way through them!


7 Responses

  1. Wave goodbye to rational thought, peer reviewed science, and critical thinking.

    Good luck.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike. First off, I am a network engineer, so I do know the first thing about rational thought, peer reviewed science and critical thinking.

    I find studying Dianetics & Scientology no different, in terms of approach. When I read something in a technical book in the computer field, say one that teaches you best practices on setting up a web server, I can’t ever read it from the viewpoint that the writer is god and everything that is said is the uncontrovertible truth. I’d never get a website up that way.

    Likewise, when I read Scientology books, it’s a continual process of comparing what is written to what I observe in the real world — and I find a ton of answers there which I agree with.

    So, contrary to your comment, I find that getting a chance to study L. Ron Hubbard’s books in the comfort of my own home not only allows for critical thinking, but in fact hones & amplifies that in a way I find quite stimulating. And I find that helps me.

    You’re welcome to your own opinion of course. Some people find reading the bible stimulating, and others take great pleasure in the Koran. I take it in reading Scientology books.

  3. I am a blind public in the DC area who wants to study my Basics but I’m having trouble finding somebody to read the courses to me and clear my words. Do you know who can help? Thanks.

    • Sam – thanks for writing. I’m not sure if you heard about this already, but at the New Years celebration, it was just announced that all 18 of the Basics books were released in audiobook format. So now, you can listen to all 18 books, as well as the lectures.

      In terms of the courses themselves, there are two great supervisors in the DC church Basics courseroom whom I would be sure would help you out on the lessons and any needed word clearing. Do you want me to have one of them contact you?

  4. Tad, I got some news for you about “the Basics.” Are you still checking this blog?

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