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Dianetics: A Simple Solution for “PTSD”

image I just read this article on CNN.com about a soldier fighting their way though life now, after coming back from Iraq duty and being haunted by near-death incidents and other points of emotional stress that she faced while deployed in combat.

Post-traumatic stress is indeed a problem with soldiers, and indeed with anybody who’s been subjected to any amount of stress or intense emotional or physical pain in life.   However, the CNN article on post-traumatic stress, as well as many others I’ve seen on the subject, including some from Time Magazine, unfortunately sidestep the fact that a complete solution for the symptoms and results of stress has been completely researched and made available for over 59 years. 

It’s called Dianetics

While drug companies would like you to believe that there is a “disorder” called “PTSD” which is “still being researched” and that “therapy is still being developed” and that a hefty dose of Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Adapin, Anafranil, Aventyl, Elavil, Ludiomil, Morapramin, Pamelor, Sinequan, Surmontil, Tofranil, Vivacitil or Suckyourbrainoutatil would be just the thing to address your “PTSD”, the truth is that none of these drugs are an actual handling for WHY people continue to feel an adverse reaction to stress and trauma. 

It’s much like if someone has just gotten into a major car accident, and their car is now nearly destroyed, giving a person drugs for stress is much like then putting a blindfold on a person so they can’t see that their car is wrecked.  It doesn’t handle the car wreck, nor do anything else useful at all besides numb the senses.

The way Dianetics is effective in dealing with situations such as this is explained here:

The traumatised soldier in the CNN article mentioned above is planning to go to school for 4 years to become a therapist in hopes that she’ll be able to help other people with their stress. 

However, in a matter of an afternoon, she can be trained in Dianetics techniques which will permanently eradicate the effects of such stress and leave the person alert, and ready to carry out their life with sanity and happiness.

Find out more about this at Dianetics.org, or by dropping in to the Dianetics Center in Washington D.C..

Or, just comment on this post, and I’ll answer any questions you may have. 


8 Responses

  1. i have some disagreements with you

    1, ptsd is a disorder, my grandmother has it, and she went through the war, auditing for her is not the answer, as the memories are too painful to audit, plus auditing costs to much in the church,

    for this person the memories are too painful, and she needs to overcome them, not audit them and relive them.

    2, if the person were to get audited, it would cost them a ton of money.

    • Jesse – thanks for the comment and for your thoughts. Not saying that you have to agree with me, but with respect to your points:

      (1) PTSD could indeed be considered a “disorder” if you consider that traumatic stress is what causes it, and that it then has a nearly infinite number of results and unwanted effects that can come about due to one experiencing a ton of stress, pain, or as you stated, a war. Unfortunately, drugging someone as a treatment for stress or trauma is basically the same kettle of fish as a person who’s lost his job or wife and drowns his sorrows in alcohol. The root cause has not been addressed, and thereby the problem persists until you handle it.

      With respect to “memories too painful to audit”, such a condition is something LRH did indeed find in people where the trauma and stress they had experienced was too much for them to bear. Recalling painful incidents would just send them further down, so he had to develop a lighter approach to get the person up to a point where he could safely and effectively confront those memories and eradicate their effects on the person. That approach is detailed in the book Self Analysis, and further in Handbook for Preclears. Both of which are designed to be able to be done either by oneself, or with a partner, but neither require a professional auditor and can be done at home. I’d suggest such a thing in the case you mentioned.

      And as to (2), well, part of that is addressed above. But also, most of my point is that with the new Dianetics DVD, one can basically get walked through all of what one needs to be able to audit any such situations just from watching the DVD. No fee, no professional help needed – 100% do-it-yourself, if that’s what you’re in to.

  2. yes, i do know both of handbook for preclears and self anaylsis, i own both, and they are good books, but i do doubt there ability to take away the trama of seeing the horrors that a solider experinced in iraq.

    i also do own the new dianetics dvd, and again, the new dvd is a very breif overview of dianetics, and not enough to be able to give you the knowledge to be called an auditor, if so then any average joe can call themselves one, i do feel that the church needs to provide some auditing for free. as helping people should be free.

    • Jesse – got what you’re saying. First off, I’m hoping you got the /new/ DVD, as the new one is most assuredly not a /brief/ overview of Dianetics. It’s basically every single part of the book, illustrated & explained. If you have the DVD and the books, which you say you do, you have the same materials that a professional auditor has to audit Dianetics. And that you can absolutely do with others for free, if you feel like it. However, if you feel you need further guidance through the materials, that’s why there does exist professional training you can get at a Church of Scientology. That’s also why there are professional auditors as well, and why it’s always been that way — and why it’s like that in nearly any other analogous profession.

      If you hurt your knee playing basketball, you can buy a book from Borders, and see if you can figure out how to get it healthy again. If you need professional help for that, you go and pay a physical therapist to work with you nutritionally and aerobically and get you back in shape. But I guarantee you a good physical therapist won’t be treating you for free unless it’s your brother or something.

      Same basic thing with Dianetics. Pro auditors audit family & friends for free, but they’re trained to handle even the most bad-off cases and turn them around, whcih they do. Thus, it’s a profession — meaning people exchange with you for a valuable result.

      Hope that helps.

  3. thanks for deleting my post, very tolerent of you, just because i mention fz scientologists. you delete my response,

    i thought i was having a good ocnversation with you and you delete my post. very intolerent.

    but w.e i am not a fz’er, just a person intrested in scientology, but you gave me a bad taste of how intolerent you all can be, so yeah. thanks


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  5. […] Mind: There are innumerable situations as a parent in which one simply needs to understand the mechanics of the reactive mind and how it works.  Usually, kids are fantastic.  Then, sometimes they start doing bizarre things […]

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