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4.5 Hours of Video on How to Use Dianetics

imageWell, if you have ever wanted something that would walk you step-by-step, visually, through a process that would actually work and would change your whole life, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Just released by Mr. David Miscavige is a DVD set called How to Use Dianetics. this is a visual presentation of virtually every part of the book that altered the entire course of human thinking toward a better, saner world.

There is a definite goal in Dianetics – the state called Clear.

This is a 2-disc DVD package.  The only other visual presentation on Dianetics was about 40 minutes long.  This one is 4.5 hours of footage.   In this, you’ll not only get a very personal understanding on what that state is and how it is achieved, but you’ll learn the techniques and procedures of Dianetics to be able to get rid of your own reactive mind, and help another do the same.

The disc is available now in 15 languages:  Dansk | Deutsch | Ελληνικά | English | Castillano | Español | Français | Italiano | 日本語 | Magyar | Nederlands | Norsk | Portugués | Русский | Svenska

The DVD set is available from the bookstore of The Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C. and can be delivered anywhere in the world.


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  4. I,ve always had the dream of helping people realise thier potentials and becoming all there is to become.And it is true that i reuqire the expertise and tools to do this.Change management begins with me the coach and instructor.

  5. Den reaktiven (verbrorgenen aber nicht weniger reagierende) Verstand anzugehen und stufenweise abzubauen ist nun wesentlich einfacher geworden mit
    den verfimten Verfahren und den Hintergründen von Dianetik.
    In relativ kurzer Zeit kann man gegenseitig die Verfahren anwenden.
    Die Videos sind der Schlüsse und Leitfaden zum Verstehen und Anwenden der Verfahren.
    Positive Resultate können erreicht und persönlich erfahren werden.

  6. […] of the mind that contains all the pain and confusions of life tends to pull in on us. (In fact a great new DVD has been released about just that subject.) Because of this we find ourselves no longer in the present moment. Everything becomes too close, […]

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